KomMissia 2018 (since 2002)
The 17th annual festival of comics, graphic novel and manga
April 3rd – 15th 2018, Moscow, Russia

Our mission

For almost 17 years now KomMissia Comics Festival has been the main event in Russia for those who appreciate comics: young and old, readers and fans, amateur and professional artists, bookshops and publishers. Through these years comics and graphic storytelling movement in Russia has grown from an underground art form into a strong prolific industry in the field of popular entertainment.

Our mission is to promote and develop the genre through contests, educational events and conferences for both young and working artists and through exhibitions, lectures and presentations for readers and publishers.

Our goals

  • to promote the culture of reading and creating graphic novels,
  • to support young creators,
  • to help publishers find their audience,
  • to create the space for cultural and creative interaction for everyone,
  • to assist in establishing professional cooperation and friendship between creators from various countries.


Our festival consists of:

  • The exhibition of Russian comics (the entries of our annual contest for Russian creators)
  • Professional Russian Comics Exhibition
  • Foreign exhibitions and special projects
  • The Comics-Underground Exhibition (age-rated 18+)
  • Russian Comics Conference IZOTEXT.
    The conference is organized by Comics Centre of Russian State Library for Young Adults, International comics festival KomMissia and the website Mangalectory.

Themed parts:

  • International programme (meetings, lectures, workshops)
  • Social graphic novel programme
  • Graphic novel in connection to other kinds of art
  • Field-specific events for publishers, retailers, librarians, creators.
  • Entertainment events (showreels, meetings, workshops)
  • Book fair
  • the Alley of Authors (Book signing)

The main parts of the festival:

Contest for creators of graphic novels

The annual contest accepts entries of creators from any countries as long as the text of the story is in Russian (or the story has no text at all). Whole stories or extracts are accepted,  maximum number of pages for one entry is 10. The entries are published at the contest gallery at www.kommissia.ru


The best of the entries are printed into posters and form the exhibition.

There are also exhibitions of foreign authors. Since 2001 we have been proud to host exhibitions of authors from France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia, the USA, Ukraine, Finland, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Norway…

The educational programme

One of the main parts of the festival are lectures and workshops conducted by Russian and foreign  masters of the field.

Lectures give the inside view on the work of artists, script-writers and publishers and reflect the latest trends in the field.

Workshops present the basic skills and professional nuances of the trade to vast audiences.

Presentations of graphic novels and book signing by the authors give readers the first-hand opportunity to be in the loop of the latest published graphic novels and new projects.

Entertainment programme

Entertainment programme includes cosplay shows and various contests with prizes for the visitors of the festival.

Cooperation with foreign cultural centres. 

The festival has been cooperating with various cultural centres. Together we organise exhibitions and visits of foreign authors and we are always open to new projects.

For the Foreign Guests

Programme of the visit:

  1. Participation in the exhibition
  • 1 self-presenting speech on the main scene – 15 minutes
  • 1 meeting with the audience of the festival to present your art and answer the audience’s questions – 60 minutes.
  • 1 workshop for young (beginner) creators
  • Book and poster selling and signing at the Alley of Authors – no time limits, up to the guest.
  1. Interviews for press and television (according to the individual timetable established with the guest prior to the visit)
  2. Sightseeing walks around he city (accompanied by the interpreter or not), visiting museums galleries and other tourist attractions.

Approximate dates for the visit: Arrival April 2-3, departure April 8-9.


KomMissua festival hold on April 3rd – 15th 2018 in Moscow.